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FAQ & Fansite Facts

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When was the Fansite created?
Domain name purchased 1st October 2018 for a period of 2 year's initially - let's see how it progresses ..... !  
How long have you been a Fan of Richard's?
Since he appeared in Bodyguard - I liked David Budd and wanted to know more about the Actor  who played him, his early years story touched me - I don't like bullies.
Why was the Fansite created?
I wanted a place for "All Things Richard Madden"  - everything in one place for fan's like myself - a source of information for Fan's of Richard.
Do you have direct contact with Richard?
No.  I cannot forward e-mails to him.
Does Richard have a personal Facebook account?
No genuine account found - he does have a Twitter and Instagram account - look for the blue TICK for the real Richard.  Follow links on Home page to find him.
Does Richard have his own website?
Not that I know of.
Why no Adverts on the Fansite?
This Fansite is dedicated 100% to "All Things Richard Madden".   This site was not created to profit in any way from Richard's name, merely to promote his Acting work and any Charity links.
What is Richard doing after Rocketman?
No idea!
Can you advertise a Charity Event Richard is attending on the Fansite for me/us?
Of course!  Just send information/poster details via the "Contact Webmistress" link.
Fansite Statistics & searches
I can see what brought you to this site through searched statistics and where you are searching from in the World  - Richard Madden, Richard Madden Bodyguard, Richard Madden's Girlfriend, Where does Richard Madden live, Richard Madden's bum (and you won't find pictures of that on here!), Richard Madden, Game of Thrones .... some searches so far!
Can I be an Affiliate of this Fansite?
Can you WHAT?! 
Where do you find information about Richard?
Google!   Twitter!  Instagram!   Nothing on this site is not already known publicly.  This site has been created to promote his work only, not to invade his privacy.
Fansite Music
You can pause it on the link below - it only plays automatically on laptop.  I like listening to music while I'm adding new information so it's basically here for me!
Adding Photographs & Links
If you've had your picture taken with Richard and would like it adding to the Fansite, please message me via the CONTACT WEBMISTRESS form.
If you have a Tumblr, Facebook or Fansite link you'd like adding to the Fansite via Social Media Links, please message me via the CONTACT WEBMISTRESS form.
Fan Artwork
I'm happy to add any Artwork you've drawn/created to the Fan Art Photo Page with Credit - send e-mail via Contact Webmistress link.
The Grey Streak
I've been asked if it's real .... yes, it's natural - he dyes it for acting roles.
What is Richard's relationship status?
I don't know and I don't care - his life - please stop asking me.  I'm here to support his ACTING WORK only, not to intrude into his private life.

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